PHP and Symfony Solutions

Kevin Veen-Birkenachs Computer Science Library 2021-01-28

I offer the development of applications with a technology stack based on PHP. Since 2011 I use this language and it’s my programming mother thong. With PHP I programmed insurance calculators for Dionera, human resource platforms for Neue Werte and Facebook applications for Rootcoonect.

As back-end framework I use Symfony. It’s based on the Model-View-Controller concept and allows to setup REST applications with CRUD functionality in a short amount of time.

As database I use MariaDB which roots in MySQL.

Concerning quality assurance I use the PHPUnit-Framework. With the help of this Framework I can write Unit-, Integration-, Function- and Scenario-Tests, to guaranty that the software works as defined, expected and required.

I prefer to use a clean slate approach because this allows me to develop applications with a high velocity and quality. I also offer refactoring services to clean up an existing code base to reduce technical debt. I follow SOLID principles. For me Clean code is not just a phrase, but a mindset.

I prefer to have regular meetings with my customers to get feedback. This allows me to adapt the software fast to the requirements of the client and the market. I like to work in teams with an agile mindset. This could mean to work with Scrum and Kanban, or another agile approaches.

Off course I also know how to work with Front-End technologies like Javascript, JQuery, HTML and CSS, but my specialization is back-end programing and DevOps.

The following two repositories give some code examples how I develop software solution with PHP:

Feel free to contact me for further information.

Business Client Software Solutions

Free use from

I offer Business Computer Client Software Solutions for organizations like companies, NGO‘s and clubs. This means that I setup and maintain the software like applications and operating systems and take care on the security and maintenance.

In the following a Business Computer Client is to be meant as a computing device which an employee uses to work for an organizations. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The Business Computer Clients Software Solutions which I offer are a good supplement to my Business Server Software Solutions. Together they are the perfect composition for organizations which need safe, secure and autonomous data management solutions.

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Business Server Software Solutions


My Open Source tool Server Manager which is based on Ansible allows me to setup and maintain business servers on a short amount of time.

In the following service description business server is to be meant as a server which provides all of the services which an organization needs. This includes businesses, non-governmental organizations, political organizations, clubs, educational facilities, etc.

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Escribir en Español con un ordenador Alemán y Linux

Mi lengua materna es Alemán y este es el razón porque yo uso la configuración de ordenador alemán. Sí un alemán quiere escribir en Español yo recomiendo de cambiar el diseño del teclado a temporalmente y la lenguaje del sistema a Español. Eso es muy fácil con Linux.

diseño del teclado Español
diseño del teclado Español de Laogeodritt \ Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Cambiar el diseño de teclado

Mande los siguientes comandos en el terminal para recargar la configuración del diseño del teclado:

# cargar el diseño del teclado Español
loadkeys es

Cambiar el idioma de ordenador

Mande los siguientes comandos en el terminal para configurar la Locale:

# instalar la lengua Español
"es_ES.UTF-8 UTF-8" >> /etc/locale.gen
# activar la lengua Español para la sistema 
localectl set-locale LANG=es_ES.UTF-8

Otras sistemas

Este articulo es escribir para Manjaro Linux que basarse en Arch Linux. Me focaliza en este articulo on el CLI porque la configuración con el GUI depende del etorno de escritorio.

Si necesitas ayuda con tu sistema dame un comentario.

Hybrid Project Management


As a part of my GPM IPMA Level D certification I had to write a project report according to the requirements of IPMA. IPMA requires to use the classical project management tools to manage the project for the IPMA Level D report. Because of my practical experience with the negative aspects of classical project management methods I decided to use Scrum as an agile framework inside of the classical project management frame. This merges the best of both worlds: The theoretical predictability of the classical project management with the agility of Scrum. Hybrid project management can be a good solution for every company which stucks for external reasons in the classical project management frame, but wants to use a more agile project management framework. In my opinion specially projects in the public sector can be improved by using this tool set.

My IPMA Level D project management report can be found here:

Online Shop Programming


For a coding challenge I programmed once an almost framework less online shop in a short time frame by using full stack technologies. As relational database I used MySQL. The back-end is programmed with PHP and the dependencies are managed with composer. On the front-end side HTML, CSS, JQuery, Javascript and Bootstrap are used. The code quality was improved by the use of PHPUnit. For easier shipping the applications runs in an Docker container. The full requirements for the coding challenge and the whole code base can be found in this repository: