Business Server Software Solutions

My Open Source tool Server Manager which is based on Ansible allows me to setup and maintain business servers on a short amount of time.

In the following service description business server is to be meant as a server which provides all of the services which an organization needs. This includes businesses, non-governmental organizations, political organizations, clubs, educational facilities, etc.

Server Configuration

I offer state of the art server solutions by using Arch Linux. Compared to other Linux Distributions like Debian, Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Ubuntu this guaranties that the newest version of software is available. This highers security and allows to provide state of the art services.

To add an extra layer of security the server storage encryption is possible. To prevent data lose I offer automatic backup solutions. The use of Docker allows me to scale up the services by transferring them from a dedicated hosting service to a server cluster which is managed by Kubernetes.

Cloud Storage Solutions

I assume that almost all organization need a Cloud Storage to work efficient. This service I provide by setting up Nextcloud instances. An advantage of Nextcloud is that next to cloud storage it offers much plugins which allow video telephony; the management of tasks, surveys, maps, calendars, finances and contacts; the use of Kanban, whiteboards, mind map applications and much more. Out of this reason I highly recommend organizations to use this cloud software. Specially if one is interested in hosting their own cloud on encrypted servers so that Big Tech and Intelligence agency don’t have access to the data, the use of Nextcloud makes sense. But also if one want to use a well designed and developed cloud which offers more extensions and functions then other open source and the most of proprietary software Cloud Storage solutions, Nextcloud is the right choice.

Mailserver Solutions

Organizations which are interested in hosting their own Mailserver can request me for this service. I use the Mailu Docker stack to realize this goal. The hosting of an own storage encrypted Mailserver can rise security. Also the use of the in Roundcube integrated Pretty Good Privacy can protect the communication between an organization and their clients. Big Tech and Intelligence agency like the National Security Agency can’t access the content of the organization communication.

Videotelephony Solutions

As video communication solution I provide Jitsi because it’s state of the art software and easy to scale up.

I also checked out BigBlueButton, because at least in German Education Facilities it is used pretty much. But BigBlueButton just supports Ubuntu 16.04 64 bit as operating system and no official supported Docker image exist. This makes it really complicated to scale it up with microservice technology and could lead to exploits. I don’t believe in a long term future for BBB.

Nextcloud also includes a video communication solution, but it is limited to the amount of bandwidth which the clients are using. There exist the option to break this limitation by paying fees to third-parties. The Nextcloud Talk Application also requires one to setup an extra TURN service which makes it a bit more difficult to setup compared to Jitsi.

Knowledge Management Solutions

In my opinion for internal knowledge management Nextcloud is the best solution, because of the access control management which it offers. But may an organization needs a wiki to share information with an broader or public audience. In this case I offer the setup of Mediawiki as knowledge service. Next to setting up the named services I’m glad to also offer trainings and seminars about how to use the named software solutions to manage knowledge on the most efficient way.

Web Presence Solutions

On a business server one can of course present their organization. Therefore I can install the Content Management Systems of ones choice. It doesn’t make a difference if one decides for Wordpress,Joomla, TYPO3 or a non-mainstream CMS like REDAXO.

Education Software Solutions

Latest due to the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic private and public educational facilities are interested in the use of online educational platforms. The software Moodle is a established and well designed learning platform. I offer the installation and maintenance of the platform and the integration of the platform with other software solutions like Jitsi.

E-Commerce Solutions

For organizations which sell products I offer the setup of E-Commerce solutions like Magento or any other shopping system of ones choice.

Internet Forum Solutions

Institutions which are interested in providing Internet Forums can request me for a setup, I offer the setup of MyBBoard and other internet forum services.

Development Infrastructure Solutions

For companies which are developing or maintaining software I provide the setup of the full service stack which is necessary to accomplish their development goals. As solution for Virtual Private Networks I provide the installation of WireGuard. To manage tickets Zammat can be the right choice. For the purpose of version control the lightweight Gitea or the more complex GitLab can be use. To realize Continuous Integration the automation service Jenkins can be used. Next to the named services I can install much other open source server applications to help software companies to accomplish their development goals.

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