Business Client Software Solutions

I offer Business Computer Client Software Solutions for organizations like companies, NGO‘s and clubs. This means that I setup and maintain the software like applications and operating systems and take care on the security and maintenance.

In the following a Business Computer Client is to be meant as a computing device which an employee uses to work for an organizations. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

The Business Computer Clients Software Solutions which I offer are a good supplement to my Business Server Software Solutions. Together they are the perfect composition for organizations which need safe, secure and autonomous data management solutions.

Operating System

The use of up to date Linux based operating systems helps to prevent the exploitation of business data. It reduces the chance that cyberattacks against an organization are successful, takes away the cost for license fees and allows one to use the hardware of their choice. This is the reason why all of my software solutions use Linux as a base.

Workstations and Laptops

I offer client solutions which are based on Linux . My default operating system for workstations and laptops is Manjaro Linux but also the setup of other Linux Distributions like Ubuntu or Debian is possible. The setup of Manjaro offers state of the art applications cause of the rolling release concept. This helps to get rid of outdated software problems.

Mobile Devices

For mobile devices I offer the setup and maintenance of LineageOS and Android. The most of the official hardware distributors stop the software maintenance for their mobile devices after a few years. If one want to use a mobile device with new software solutions and updates for a longer time it’s necessary to root the device. The use of LineageOS can help ones company to save costs and to protect the Environment because mobile devices can run for a longer amount of time. This offers a sustainable way to work with hardware. Next to this LineageOS also leads to a better control about which data one wants to share with external providers.

Solutions for all Employees

Communication Solutions

If requested my setup supports established proprietary software for communications like Slack, Skype, Zoom, Microsoft Teams etc.

Also the use of open source software like Nextcloud Talk, Dino with XMPP, or Jitsi is possible. Of course it’s possible to install other communication solutions of ones choice.

My default email client is Mozilla Thunderbird, which also allows encrypted email communication with the help of the Enigmail plugin and Pretty Good Privacy.

Office Solutions

My standard office solution is LibreOffice which is compatible with Microsoft Word. LibreOffice contains the applications LibreOffice Writer, LibreOffice Calc, LibreOffice Impress, LibreOffice Draw, LibreOffice Base and LibreOffice Math.

This package offers similar options like Microsoft Office but it’s for free. An export of the Documents to Microsoft Office, or the PDF format is possible. To use LibreOffice you don’t need to pay any license fees.

Security Solutions

To keep data protected against non-legit access the business client computers are in general delivered with the KeePassXC password manager. By the right use this password manager can prevent employees and employers from being hacked. On request I offer seminars and trainings about how to protect your passwords.

Standard wise I encrypt the storage of client devices. This rises the protection of business secrets if a client device gets stolen or lost.

Cloud Solutions

It’s possible to use different cloud storage solutions to allow employees to work on shared data over various devices. An example for a proprietary software solution is Dropbox. I personally recommend to use the Nextcloud client in combination with your own Business Server.

Solutions for Designers

The open source world offers much tools for designers. One of the most famous open source tools for 3D design is Blender and offers all necessary functions which one needs to design 3D models for Games, 3D-Printers or movies.

As 2D design tool GIMP has to be mentioned. It offers similar functions like Photoshop, but it’s much cheaper. Actually it’s for free. The user experience of GIMP is different compared to Photoshop.

Solutions for Developers

Developers can decide out of a wide range of Integrated Development Environments like Visual Studio Code, Atom, Eclipse or JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA. The problem is not that there aren’t enough good IDE’s, but to find the one which is the best for ones development case and how to use it on the most efficient way.

There also exists tools for Unified Modeling Language, ERM and other diagrams. An example for such a software solution is Dia.

Off course git as Version Control software works out of the box.

Solutions for Project Managers

There are also onboard solutions for Project Managers.

In combination with the Nextcloud plugins from the Business Server Solution the use of agile tools like Kanban is possible.

Next to this there is open source project management software like ProjectLibre. This software works a bit different then Microsoft Project, but it covers the same use cases like presedence diagrams and Gantt charts.

Individual Requirements

The named applications are just an example configuration. Off course it’s possible to fully customize the system with the application stack which is needed.


There are different maintenance options, depending on the security and comfort concerns. It’s possible to maintain all computer clients remote by installing WireGuard and activating SSH for the root user. But this raises some security concerns. For this reason the way how the maintenance should be accomplished is a compromise or decision between security on the one page and comfort on the other.

Transformation Process

I’m glad to accompany the transformation process to secure and open source systems. This I do by offering trainings, seminars and moderating the process. It can also mean that I support my customers in going a step back instead of forcing their employees to use software which they may will not accept.

Technological changes lead to changes in the organization culture. This can lead to conflicts. This should one take into account before initiating a software change. In my opinion the decision makers should include the employees into the decision process before making top-down decisions about the software solutions which should be used.

Among others this specially counts for the change from Microsoft Office to LibreOffice and the transformation from Photoshop to GIMP. I can help companies in the transformation process from expensive proprietary software to secure open source software. But the employees need to be included because otherwise the transformation process will fail.

I’m glad to moderate this process and in helping you to make your software transformation process a successful project.

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